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Our graphics sets, buttons & dividers are free to use, but please read our Terms of Use.

Feel free to browse our links page which will provide links to those pages using Digilass Designs.

Digilass Designs graphic sets may be purchased by personal home page users.

Once a set has been purchased that is displayed on this site, it will be removed,

in order that it can no longer be downloaded by others.

Designs on the display pages may be purchased for $35 U.S. Funds.

Designs on this page can also be altered for personal home pages -

there is an hourly fee applicable for alternations.


All animal and bird sets were designed from photographs

taken by H. V. Baskey of Digilass Designs

Green Peacock Set

Golden Lion Tamarin Set

Bronze Snow Leopards

Polar Bear

Wild Horses


Komodo Dragon


Butterflies & Flowers

Roses are Pink

Date last modified: 03/18/2001