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I am pleased to share Digilass Designs with those of you with personal home pages at no cost to you. All I ask is for credit and a link back to this site on the same page and every page where you use Digilass Designs' graphics.

There are coordinating buttons for this purpose in most of the graphic sets, or you may use the button below. If you would like to be share your web page (using our designs) with Digilass, we will link your site on our Links Page.

Please, do not alter the images in any way with the exception of adding text to the blank buttons.

For small businesses who want to establish their presence on the web - Digilass Designs is not free for commercial use, but is very reasonably priced. Please email for commercial rates and/or rates for customized work. If you are a web designer, or are having your page designed by a professional, you will need to license Digilass Designs' Graphics by paying the fees involved.

If you would like a customized web site designed for your personal home page, email for a quote, we are very reasonably priced and use industry leading software for web design. We also offer animations (in gif or flash formats), and other enhancing web graphics.  These can be purchased separately.

Digilass Designs graphic sets may be purchased by personal home page or commercial users. Once a set has been purchased that is displayed on this site, it will be removed, in order that it can no longer be downloaded by others. Designs on the display pages may be purchased for $35 U.S. Funds.

Do not link to the images on this server. These graphics are not intended for other graphics libraries or collections, nor for any commercial media. None of this web site may be reproduced, copied, or redistributed without authorization.

Please show your support and respect for web artists by following their terms of use and licensing agreements.

Date last modified: 03/14/2001