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Digilass Designs is proud to present some "freebies" for others to use. A link back to our site stating that you have used Digilass Designs would be appreciated.

Please do not link directly to the images/graphics, but download them to your hard drive and create your home page from there.

If you really become attached to a "freebie" design, email Digilass at and any designs profiled on this page, can be purchased and then removed from this site.

Click on the button below to view pre-existing graphic sets available.  Please read our Terms of Use before downloading. All sets are original graphics created by photographs (and one cross stitch) by H.V. Baskey of Digilass Designs.

Peacock Set

Golden Tamarin Set

Snow Leopard Set

Polar Bear Set

Tiger Set

Butterfly & Flowers Set

Komodo Dragon Set

Wild Horses Set

Elephant Set

Roses Set